Service Exchange

service exchangeISS supply a unique service in offering service exchange centrifuges and parts which help keep production downtime to a minimum while we repair the customer’s own equipment.

The following is available from stock subject to availability.

  • Sharples P2000 Rotate assembly
  • Sharples P3000 Rotate assembly
  • Sharples P3400 Rotate assembly
  • P125 Gearbox
  • P52 Gearbox
  • NX 309 Rotate assembly
  • NX 418 Rotate assembly
  • 2.5KN Gearbox
  • BRPX 213 Vertical assembly
  • MA/MOPX 213 Vertical assembly
  • R10 Cartridge for belt drive
  • R18 Cartridge for belt drive
  • ABC Controllers